Martin Kleinert

Berlin, Germany

Martin founded the label NEW PORT and has been creating his very own platform for techno music. What he strives for can be put as follows. It isn’t an art to play music in its different variations but to create it and bring it to life so it becomes immortalized.


Martin Kleinert-Logo
After Martin Kleinert was born in the very north of Germany music already became important to him at a very young age. Inspired by electronic rhythms of the early 90’s he didn’t hesitate to get his hands on his first Technics MK2 turntables, which was the tipping point to start off his career as a Dejay. The one-of-a-kind movement happening in the scene and german clubs back these days triggered and developed his creativity and sense of expressing himself through the art of electronic dance music by playing tunes he loves mixed in an unique and interesting way.

His burning ambition and listening to his inner voice saying that there maybe is something more made him come up with his first own productions by creating remarkable deep and rhythmic beats and sounds that just make you want to move. For Martin the progress of creating a piece of art just from a simple idea or a single sound is still one of the greatest gifts on earth.

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