Berlin, Germany

„Every sound tells a story. I want my music to make people forget about everything and lose themselves in that very moment.“ – This philosophy is the foundation of Copilco’s songs, productions and DJ sets. His characteristic style: atmospheric deep techno, blended with elements of electronica and IDM.

The story of Copilco starts back in 2010. Philip Röder studies in Mexico City at that time. He travels across the country as much as possible. On one of his trips he discovers an electronic music festival in the middle of nowhere. Overwhelmed by this incredible experience, the sounds, the lights and the people, he decides to start producing electronic music himself. The artist name Copilco reminds Philip of this very important time: it’s the part of Mexico City where he was living at that time.

Back in Germany, Copilco spends night after night in the studio experimenting and finding his style. His first songs and remixes receive positive feedback so he starts working on his first release. When Berlin-based DJ and producer Martin Kleinert hears the songs, he decides to invite the artist to be a part of his label. The first EP by Copilco is called Abyss and is being published by New Port Records Berlin by the end of 2015.

Since 2017, Philip has been running his own mixing and mastering studio in Berlin. If you are interested in his work, have a look here: Copilco Mixing and Mastering