Berlin, Germany

Monova is a producer duo of electronic dance music – handmade in Berlin. Monova`s music generates spaces in which you can dance energetically and forget yourself for a while.

On their musical journey they were particulaly influenced by James Brown, Massive Attack, Daft Punk, Chromeo and Amé. It became clear, that it is less the genre of music, with its rigid rules, but more the use of a level of freedom which defines which music is liked.

They naturally developed the desire to understand and apply this interplay between creativity and rules. Soon they began experimenting with a borrowed guitar, software sequences and synthesizers. A band was formed and rehearsals took place in dark office cellars. Amazed by the endless possibilities of the creation of analog and digital sound, they were continually occupied with the question of why rhythm causes the need for movement and why certain sound sequences evoke emotions.

A fascination with Berlin`s loud and sleepless club scene shaped and intensified their joint work. Their songs are created In a small living room transformed into a recording studio, near Kotti.