Artist: Copilco
EP: Cosmography
Copilco NEW PORT


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Copilco is back with his second EP on New Port Records, taking his vision of melodic deep techno to the next level. Both tracks combine a solid rhythmic foundation with haunting atmospheres and distinctive lead sounds. The upcoming artist creates emotions that reverberate across the dancefloor and at the same time go way beyond the club context. “Cosmography” is an ancient science that tries to explain the origins of the universe as well as our existence. All human cultures have tried to come up with their own interpretation, mythology and scientific explanation in order to find out where we come from. Copilco explains his thoughts behind the title: “For thousands of years humans have asked the same question but came up with very different answers. This proves that curiosity is a huge driver of creativity. Sometimes there is just no definite answer, no right and no wrong. It’s up to us, we have to put it into context and find an answer that resonates best with us. I see a certain parallel to the creative process when writing music. Being an artist, you’re curious by definition. You’re entering unknown territory with every new song. You’re asking yourself many questions and try to come up with something original. Something that resonates with you in a very distinctive way.”


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