Martin Kleinert - Groyne

Artist: Martin Kleinert
Martin Kleinert - Groyne EP


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Martin Kleinert, founder and producer of the label NEW PORT surprises with the first release GROYNE EP. The late 2014 launched labels, style fits perfectly into the pure Techno genre. As a well settled Berliner by choice Martin Kleinert has never forgotten his roots. This can be recognized if you notice the labels name and art work. The first EP on NEW PORT provides straight forward direction and shows what to expect from upcoming releases and events.


GROYNE: The deep and powerful Kick is present from the very beginning and just slowly the driving elements of the tune are coming more and more into focus. Finally a fascinating Hi-Hat group on top of a metallic appearing Clap gets the tune really going. The sound wave made of the elements Synth, Athmo and the irresistibly pumping pulse out of Drums is moving towards climax – unstoppable, until the groyne suddenly lets it collapse into its very basic components.



OPEN GROUND: The deep and powerful Kick, surrounded by a mystical Athmo slowly gets the breathe-Hi-Hat out of the background just to be melted with the Bass-Drum. This gets you into the mood of another dark night without any limits. On the 2 and the 4 the smith relentlessly hits his hammer onto the metal while the vibrant insecure Synth carefully channels into perception. As soon as you think this is followed by silence, the clashing percussion gets your for the final showdown.




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