Red Rooms

Berlin, Germany

Red Rooms is the DJ and producer of Dark Germany, and dark is just the right concept for his powerful, impulsive energetic spherical sound. For three years, the Chemnitzer has been living in Berlin, inspired by the techno landscape in Berlin. He likes to use the gloomy and melodic beats, with a breath of acid.

Already in his youth Dominik discovered his passion for electronic music. The musical spectrum was still strongly influenced by trance in the early days, but he quickly found himself in the hard, pushing sounds.

This is how the combination of the elements that Dominik processes in his tracks can be described.
His sets captivate and inspire everyone who takes part in this special atmosphere. The first EP’s “Housebeat”, “Vagabonds” & “An Indian knows no house” were released in 2013 at the Chemnitzer label “No Divas”.

In the name of Red Rooms, he came to a reading by an author named Veit Etzold, who wrote a book about the Dark Web. In this dark web, you will find the so-called Red Rooms.